What is the difference between alchemy & Spagyria?

Alchemy is a prerequisite for Spagyric. 

Spagyria is the REMEDIAL application of Alchemy. 

There are many pathways to work with Alchemy, perhaps the most [in]famous being the industrial/mineral pathway; turning lead into gold. Yet you can apply the same Alchemical process of transformation to work with herbal, mineral, and animal materials for medicine and in doing so, you have essentially stumbled upon the magical world of Spagyria. So by that token, anything made Alchemically that has remedial virtue is included in the Pharmacopoeia of Spagyric Medicine. 

What causes Spagyria and Alchemy to differ is purely the attitude and approach of the Work: Spagyria produces substances purely for their Remedial or Medicinal values, whereas Alchemy is an initiatic practice of Stewardship and Mastery of Nature.

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